BJP Training Package 2

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Welcome to Training Package 2!! Here’s the next step in your journey to become the best Physie girl you can be. Physie champions don’t just practice their routines. They work on fitness, strength, flexibility and expression with drills and workouts that improve Physie technique and make them great dancers.

Training package 2 contains 6 separate modules and runs for 80 minutes. The 2021 Grand Champion Girl, Hannah Lyons, and her teammates share their favourite workouts so that you can practice at home.

The workouts include completely new exercises for strength and core control, stretching and flexibility, fitness and stamina, along with ballet barre work, arm work and an awesome contemporary routine to learn.

Become the Physie girl you’ve always wanted to be and start training like the champions do!

After your purchase you will receive a digital download link which includes a compressed file of all 6 modules for you to download and save to your computer. This file can be downloaded only once so be sure to store it safely where you can access it in future. Please note there are no refunds or exchanges on digital downloads.