BJP Training Package 1

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Ever wondered why Physie champions are champions? Here’s a little secret. They don’t just practice their routines. No! They work on their fitness, strength, flexibility and expression with drills and workouts that improve Physie technique and make them great dancers.

This package contains 11 separate modules and runs for an hour. The workouts include strength, conditioning, stretch, balance and a high intensity workout. There’s also 4 ballet drills plus 3 dance routines to learn: contemporary, jazz and ballet.

We asked the senior girls from the 2019 national winning team to share with us their favourite workout. What they created was so fantastic we decided to film them and create a total package for you, so that you can practice at home.

Become the Physie girl you’ve always wanted to be and start training like a champion.

After your purchase you will receive a digital download link which includes a compressed file (1.2GB) of all 11 workouts for you to download and save to your computer. This file can be downloaded only once. There are no refunds or exchanges on digital downloads.